Uniko 4 (PACK OF 4)

Acoustic panels

Uniko 4 Acoustic Panels (SOLD AS PACK OF 4) The Uniko sound absorption system, designed for Gaber by Eurolinea, is a solution to the growing demand for acoustic improvement, as highlighted by the switch from closed to open space design. Carefully designed acoustic environments improve productivity, promote a feeling of well-being and help recovery from everyday stress. Noise exposure, in fact, causes psychological disorder and hampers the performance of normal daily activities, reducing the ability to concentrate. Uniko is a system of modular panels which combines great sound absorption with a modern and elegant pattern, in keeping with the latest trends in architecture and interior design. The twin-textured panels Uniko 4 are made of felt coated with polyester fabric with flame retardant properties inherent in their fibres. Uniko 4 have an original shape, and may be used on both walls and ceilings. Uniko 4 panels are available in a wide range of colors and can be combined for a personalized look to home or office environments. Uniko 4 panels are lightweight and stack high, thereby simplifying loading and unloading, a ensuring a significant reduction in transport costs. The shape of the panels themselves with their stylishly harmonious lines makes them easy on the eye and they fit perfectly into any environment and decor. Covering polyester materials follows fire retardant international standards. DIN4102 1/B1; NF P 92503-507/M1; BS 5867 2/C Crib 5; UNI VF8456/8457/1; UNI EN 1021 1+2 e UNI EN

  • Dimensions (cm): 595 W × 595 D
  • Lead time: 4-6 Weeks
  • Stackable: no
  • Manufacturer: Gaber

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